About us

My name is Monica, I’m 54 and I’ve been living in this place since I was born. My grandparents built the house in the 50ty, when in this area of Milan there were only fields.

I live with my husband Fabio and my two kids, Martina and Matteo. Also my aunt lives in the building, she’s a tiny lady more than 80 years old.

In 2014 together with my family I decided to transform a part of the block in a B&B. All of us love meeting new people and we believe Milan Expo 2015 will be a great opportunity for us to have at our place people from all over the world!

Making the most of my twenty years experience in the environmental field, I wanted to put together a comfortable but at the same time Eco-friendly place, both in the renovation phase and in the day by day bedrooms management.